Pasco County – Prescription Pill Dеfеnѕе Attorney

Flоrіdа & Pasco Prescription Pill Dеfеnѕе Attorney At Frank P. Bianco, P.A., we handling all types of drug charges and have been defending the rights of people in Pasco County for over 20+ years. Whether you are in Hudson, New Port Richey, Spring Hill, Bayonet Point, Largo or anywhere else close by, we can help. New Port Richey police are сrасkіng dоwn оn prescription fraud. … Read More

Civil Asset Forfeiture

What To Do During Civil Asset Forfeiture | Pasco County You don’t have to be arrested or even convicted for your property to be seized by police. There only needs to be suspicion that your car or home is being used in an illegal manner, such as for drug trafficking or grow/lab purposes, for them to take it away from you. Having Your Belongings Seized … Read More

Possession of Fraudulent Prescriptions

Possession Of Prescription Drugs – New Port Richey, FL One of the areas of concern to our firm in the criminal law is the possession of fraudulent prescriptions for pills. Just the simple possession of the prescription can result in a felony criminal drug charge. By presenting said script to a pharmacy the receipt of the drugs can result in a separate felony charge and, … Read More

Understanding Domestic Violence

Florida Domestic Violence | Understanding The Law Domestic violence applies to a spouse, someone you currently or used to cohabitate with, or anyone with whom you’re in a relationship. It is not limited to obvious physical brutality. Understanding The Domestic Violence Law It can also mean… Endangerment Criminal Coercion Kidnapping Unlawful Imprisonment Trespassing Harassment Stalking Did you know that ANY unwelcome physical contact is considered … Read More

Search and Seizure-Sniff Test by Drug Detection Dogs

Knowing The Law Around K9 Police Dog Sniffing | Florida In the recent past the requirements for admissible testimony for a K-9 drug detection situation in Florida were extremely basic and with limited parameters. Once a dog was alerted, the testing was normally admissible as long as a few basic rules were followed. On April 14, 2011 the Florida Supreme court in Jardines vs State … Read More

Why Petty Theft Can Cause Far More Than ‘Petty’ Consequences

Petty Theft Lawyer New Port Richey | What Are The Consequences Of Petty Theft Petty theft is a bit of a misnomer, given that it can land you in jail for months or even years. In addition to serving time behind bars, petty theft can result in large fines, loss of your job and difficulty getting new employment, being disqualified from entering the military, or … Read More

What writing a bad check can mean for you

20+ Years Check Fraud Attorney in New Port Richey It could be an honest mistake and completely unintentional, but did you know that writing a check without having enough funds to back it up could result in criminal charges of fraud? While check fraud is when one knowingly writes a check that cannot be covered and obtaining property or services in exchange, there are a … Read More

Felony Attorney New Port Richey

Professional Felony Attorney New Port Richey – Call (727) 843-0097 Get arrested for a felony in New Port Richey? Have a prior conviction or charge and want to get it expunged or professionally handled? The law firm of Frank P. Bianco, P.A., has been serving New Port Richey in all matters of criminal defense for felony charges since 1991. Felonies, unlike infractions or misdemeanors, usually come … Read More

How Much Do Lawyers Charge For Drug Cases

How Much Do Lawyers Charge For Drug Cases – (727) 843-0097 Frank P. Bianco, P.A. has been serving New Port Richey for over 20+ years, and has protected and defended the rights of thousands of Pasco County citizens in that time.  Normally, a drug charge case can be anywhere from $1,500 – $3,000 or more, depending on the type of case. In a research study … Read More

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