Will A DUI Affect a Teaching Job

will having a DUI effect a teaching job

Will a DUI Affect a Teaching Job in Florida Being charged with a DUI is one of the most frustrating things you could deal with. They’re expensive, time-consuming, embarrassing, and can severely impact your life – not to mention that the situation for getting yours may even seem silly when other options for transportation were readily available. Getting past all of that, though, a DUI … Read More

Can A DUI Be Expunged

Can A DUI Be Expunged, Dropped & Dismissed In Florida? When you are charged with a DUI in Florida, there is likelihood that it will hugely affect your life. When you are charged for driving under alcohol influence, this can impact your chances of gaining job employment in particular areas of discipline and work. Worse, it can also affect your chances of being able to … Read More

Are Dui Lawyers Worth It?

Are DUI Lawyers Worth It? Well-seasoned and experienced DUI lawyers can be costly to hire since they are specifically trained to help their clients in cases that most lawyers tend to shy away from. As far as the average goes, our law firm has been helping people with DUI’s for over 20 years here in Pasco County, we offer fair pricing and for some individuals … Read More

What to Know About DUI Checkpoints

Understanding How Police DUI Checkpoints Work & Knowing The Law Understand your rights and protect yourself from DUI police roadblocks. Here is some advice from an experienced DUI & traffic defense attorney, Frank P. Bianco, P.A. in New Port Richey who has been protecting the rights of DUI cases for over 20+ years in Pasco County. What you don’t know about a DUI roadblock can … Read More

Increased Focus on Stopping Shoplifting In Effect

The new tactics businesses are taking against theft The days of being eyed by a store associate from the end of the store aisle are long gone. With the cost of surveillance technology becoming increasingly affordable, it now only takes a minor investment by both small and large businesses to implement a security system aimed at preventing shoplifters from getting away. The industry term is … Read More

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