Do I Have a Personal Injury Case?

Do You Have a Personal Injury Case? “Do I have a case?” is a question many people ask when they’ve been injured or lost a family member due to someone else’s mistake or carelessness. It’s a good question to ask because while you may deserve compensation for your injury or loss, doesn’t mean you have a successful personal injury claim. When trying to determine whether … Read More

Can You Sue for Emotional Pain & Suffering?

Can You Sue for Emotional Pain & Suffering? Emotional pain and suffering, as opposed to physical pain and suffering, can be grounds for a lawsuit under certain circumstances. This is also commonly referred to as a mental anguish lawsuit. If you or someone you know experienced emotional distress as the victim of intentional or negligent actions caused by another person you may be able to … Read More

What To Do Immediately After A Car Accident?

What To Do Immediately After A Car Accident? Statistics show that over ten million accidents involving vehicular damage, as opposed to injury to the occupants, occur each year in the United States. Additionally, one in three accidents involves personal injury to either the driver, the passengers or innocent bystanders, and two out of every ten car accidents lead to fatal injuries and death. While these … Read More

What Happens If A Car Accident Is Your Fault?

What Happens If A Car Accident Is Your Fault? Most drivers will likely be involved in at least one small accident in their lives, and it is the wise driver who is prepared, which means that he or she will be equipped to handle the inevitable. Every day, hundreds of road traffic accidents occur across the United States, in fact, statistics report that there are … Read More

What Do You Do After A Minor Car Accident?

What Do You Do After A Minor Car Accident? According to data published by the United States Census Bureau, there are over 10 million traffic accidents every year, ranging from minor fender benders to serious accidents that result in catastrophic injuries or fatalities. While getting into any type of car accident can be an overwhelming experience, after a minor accident, most individuals are content to exchange information and go … Read More

What are the Side Effects After a Car Accident

Common Side Effects Following a Car Accident Most car accidents are traumatic experiences, even when they are considered minor. They can lead to physical, mental, and emotional pain. Following the accident many people experience being in shock. This feeling may last for a short time or even several days. Once you’re out of the initial shock of the incident, you may experience emotional pain and … Read More

How Much do You get for Pain & Suffering

Determining Pain & Suffering Amount Car accidents are never an enjoyable experience but the time after the accident can be equally miserable – and financially difficult – should you have endured any physical injuries. A lack of transportation can also be problematic and could even cause you to miss work or other planned activities. To receive compensation or to help with covering the costs that … Read More

How Long You Have to go to the Doctor After a Car Accident

Going to the Doctor After a Car Accident If you’ve been in a car accident whether it’s a minor or major accident it is advisable to visit a doctor immediately. Even a checkup could uncover injuries which you incurred due to the accident that you weren’t aware of. A delay in medical treatment following a car accident could greatly reduce your compensation or make it … Read More

What You Should do After a Fender Bender

Steps to Take Following a Fender Bender Any car accident no matter how small can be stressful and confusing. Even a fender bender, while it may not seem like a big deal can often cause confusion. Fender benders and similar minor accidents are extremely common but often times they are not handled properly. Mishandling this type of situation could result in being falsely accused of … Read More

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